Design Fish | ABOUT
Design Fish specializes in branding and outreach dedicated to changing behaviors, uplifting communities, and, promoting sustainability for companies, philanthropy, and small businesses.
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Debbie Moses Ferrari  •  (323) 767-6336

I create beautiful brand work that conveys complex objectives with simple messages to diverse audiences across multiple channels. #orderfromchaos With 20+ years of experience developing and producing multi-tiered advocacy and issue branding campaigns. #notasboringasitsounds I know how to craft effective content to cut through clutter and reach audiences. #editeditedit #slashandburn  Quantifiable results show  high success rates and my campaigns have captivated attention, raised awareness, motivated and inspired, and moved audiences to act in ways that shape our society. #wearabikehelmet #bekindtonature #eatyourvegetables  I build teams of diverse, talented people, empower them to think big, #coffee #chocolate and work with them to create industry buzz #yesmorecoffeethankyou for social media, new and emerging media, and break-through experiences. #teamcaptain #forwardthinker #dreamer I believe in building collaborative relationships between my team, clients, associates, consultants and vendors to successfully meet project goals while elevating the client’s brand. #playswellwithothers  Strong proponent of mentoring. #ittakesavillage